Welcome to our website www.immoprovence.eu . Here you will discover our selection of rather high-end properties, some real gems in the “Provence”. These most beautiful properties often change hand in all confidentiality. To access those properties, you need to have both a network and earn the confidence of the owners. We are here to help you on your way into to search and find of “the property of your dreams in the Provence! “

We’ll help you into the negotiations, and assist you through all the paperwork until the notary puts it all into writing and hands you the keys.


Upon demand we will guide you with professional guidance into finding contractors for renovations, the construction of your pool, setting up a camera-surveillance systems, etc.

See you soon!

At your service,


Geert Dejonghe
Agent commercial Immobilier
481, Chemin de Peygon – La Fenouillère
83170 – Brignoles
Tel : +33 (0)6 77 82 04 82